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Build your Business
We provide start-up assistance. Business structure registration, State, Local licenses, sellers permits, budgeting, compliance/due diligent, program development and project management.

Complementary Auditing

Administrative and financial oversight. Assess and improve financial systems, assist in meeting agency management systems, develop new reporting formats, devising and implementing performance measures and related systems, perform actuarial services and assist in quality assurance efforts.

Program Management Specialist

Provides mid-level support for program management team. Mid to Small business ($1M to $40M fiscal yr. budget) Posses knowledge of federal government budgets and appropriations, track and manage awards, deliverables of contracts and management support. Our team specializing in creating collaborative solutions.

Grant/Contract Management Support

Assist government grant  management and Contract Officers, Managers and Specialist plan and write solicitations, assist review panels, assess compliance of grantees, business, and financial management systems, prepare award documents, assist awarding agencies in ensuring grantees responsibilities and accountable use of funds, monitors performance, evaluate ongoing status reports, final reports and other deliverables products under grants or contracts.